March 2012

21 Mar 2012

Attack of the Obsesogens - You'll Wish it was Science Fiction

The business of weight loss may not just depend on calories in and out any longer.  Scientists have discovered a group of frustrating endocrine disruptors, both chemical and natural, that alter our human regulatory systems, increase fat cells, and decrease the calories we burn.  They’ve labeled these products “Obesogens,” and the EPA has spent $20 million on researching these chemically amped weight loss spoilers. 

According to the web magazine Molecular Biology, obesity is the result of a positive energy balance, i.e. too many calories in and too few calories burned. It explains how fat cannot be accumulated without a higher caloric intake than expenditure.

07 Mar 2012

The Flexible Vegetarian

The perception used to be that vegetarianism was reserved for a select group of people; those with the will power and devotion to maintain such a strict diet.  But today, the benefits of a vegetarian diet are much more recognized by mainstream America.  What keeps many away is the worry that giving up meat entirely is simply impossible.  But recently a new kind of vegetarian has arrived; the Flexitarian.

Being a Flexitarian means adopting a primarily plant based diet and eating less meat. 

Scientific evidence shows that vegetarians live 3.6 years longer and average a 15% lower weight than non-vegetarians.