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Health & Wellness Programs

While every organization faces the challenge of managing the health and performance of their population in conjunction with containing healthcare costs, how they get there requires a tailored solution. Plus One will assess your organization’s health risks, then design and implement a tailored solution that complements your company’s existing health benefits and services to achieve organizational goals and offers employees the tools necessary to improve their health.

Wellness PillarsDriving the greatest impact on health requires hands on support for motivation, and the right tools to facilitate change. Our certified health professionals teach and guide employees to make lifestyle changes that improve their health. Our health professionals become a trusted resource for participants by building personal connections and helping participants navigate their benefits and wellness options. We magnify the impact of our health management solutions by combining our on-site team with our online wellness hub, FLEX. Our approach begins with an organizational health audit followed by the implementation of assessment, intervention and engagement solutions.

Our custom branding, innovative consumer messaging, and tailored marketing campaigns, inspire participants to take action and contribute to an overall culture of wellness.

Outcomes reporting and strategic program recommendations are an integral part of our health and wellness programming. We provide aggregate reporting to employers that summarizes participant results, satisfaction, participation and estimates on reduced medical costs.